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Wondering what hydroponics is? Well, to quickly lay it out, it's a form of growing without the need of soil. You can learn more about the science behind hydroponics by visiting our "About" tab. This website is dedicated to providing you the user, the knowledge and guidance in getting your Hydroponic set-up started. You can also view a gallery of our products, amazing facts on hydroponic growing, and even guides on helping you through set-up, growing, and harvesting your plants.

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Hydroponic Facts and Benefits

With something so efficent, healthy, and effective,
there's a ton of cool facts that come along with it.

90% Less Water

Hydroponic growing is known to save save. In fact it saves so much water that you use 90% less water than traditional growing.

Saves Space

You can plant up to 4 TIMES the amount of crop in the same amount of space as traditional soil growing, freeing up tons room.

No Soil Needed

Hydroponic growing requires no use of soil. Grow using medium that feeds the plants with the exact amount of water and food it needs.

Grows Lighting fast

Growing hydroponically not only saves you water and space, but your plants can grow 2 times as quick.

All Natural

Hydroponics uses no pesticides or herbicides, making your plant healthy and fresh.

Bug Free

Since you don't need any soil, your plants grow without any pests or bugs, all year round.